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We pride on ourselves on the provenance of our menu, utilising only the best in local produce. 

Pork: Byron Bay Pork from Tenterfield

Byron Bay Pork is a family-owned business run by third generation faRmers in northern NSW. The pork they produce is sweet, juicy and flavoursome; it is hormone and antibiotic free and raised on a diet of corn, wheat and macadamia meal.


Beef: Wagyu Rump Cap from Darling Downs

Darling Downs Wagyu is raised on natural grasses in northern Australia and finished on grain in southern Queensland. It has a strong, well-balanced flavour and its significant marbling results in melt-in-the mouth tenderness. The producers have won numerous awards including Australia’s Best Steak for three consecutive years at the Queensland Food & Wine Show.


Holy Goat Cheese: Sutton Grange Organic Farm

Certified organic farm Sutton Grange in Castlemaine, Victoria produces some of Australia’s most awarded goat’s cheese. Their products range from a creamy curd – Fromage Frais – to the mature La Luna, and all capture the delicacy of goat’s milk. Their goats graze freely on native grasses, herbs and shrubs.